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“Breakouts on my big day. HELP!”


The human mind is like a supercomputer. Within a tenth of a second, we scan the face in front of us, instantly drawing all kinds of conclusions about a person.1 First impressions really do count.

The single greatest enemy of the first impression? This one’s up for debate, but acne has to be a strong contender. Acne can erode a person’s confidence and self-esteem, turning a spunky stride into a don’t-look-at-me shuffle. The truth is, unchecked, acne has the power to cloud all kinds of special moments in a person’s life.

Take the talented student. She’s young, unique and determined. She has spent years building her CV to extra-curricular perfection. This is her moment. Everything about her should say “potential.” And yet, just in time for that long-awaited interview, there’s only one word on her mind: zits…

Or consider the cute guy, preparing for the tinder date of his dreams. Hipster beard: check. Relaxed style: check. He’s got personality and style, he deserves to make a first impression that says “fit!”… But for him, there’s only one word tattooed across his forehead: pizza-face…

If acne is the first impression’s greatest enemy, its savior has to be confidence. Self-belief is contagious, but sometimes it needs a helping hand. And this is where acne-prones can take back control! Their bathroom hero? A tinted cream with natural-look pigments to instantly even out the complexion, while active ingredients treat imperfections and marks long-term. So sheer, even hipster guys can camouflage their imperfections.

Trytinted treating skincare on your big day: make the first impression you deserve.

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First impressions: making up your mind after a 100-ms exposure to a face.
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