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Acne-prone skin and make up


Make-up: Friend or Foe?

We live in an airbrushed world. Magazine covers, movies and music videos churn out images of perfection: cropped, glossed and re-touched beyond recognition. When acne sufferers are confronted with blemishes in the cold light of day, what’s their first instinct? “Reach for that concealer, foundation, powder… anything to hide my skin!”

Make-up and acne-prone skin: A love-hate relationship

On the one hand, make-up promises instant results. On the other, dermatologists (and mums!) often ward teens off thick, oily make-up that can aggravate acne and trigger breakouts. Yes, layering on heavy make-up will mask those blemishes, but it will also leave skin looking like it’s wearing a mask! And fake is the last thing today’s teens want to be.

Whatever formula you choose, stick to a few basic principles:

  • Oil-free and non-comedogenic textures are your friend
  • Don’t layer on too much, leave skin room to breathe
  • Wash your hands before you apply and give make-up brushes a regular clean (you don’t want to add extra bacteria into the mix)
  • Always thoroughly remove your make-up at the end of the day.

Instant coverage, without the backlash

The latest formulas contain the same concentration of anti-acne ingredients as classic daily care treatments, but in a tinted, non-comedogenic texture. They offer the best of both worlds – an instant, more even skin-tone, plus progressive results on acne.
And the textures are so light, they’re even suitable for guys and younger teens!

The emotional benefits of complexion correction

Dermatologists are painfully aware of the toll visible skin conditions can take on their patients’ quality of life. 1 A recent study has proven that tinted formulas truly can lighten the load of acne.

Researchers used a quality of life measurement tool to assess the impact of visible skin conditions before and after a month’s use of corrective make-up. The results totally exceeded expectations: corrective make-up was able to improve quality of life by no less than 20%!

Finally, with tinted treatments, enjoy that instant pay-off – without the pay-back!

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