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What foods cause acne?
...and could the cure be found on your plate?


Dairy can cause acne

Different studies report different results, but there is some evidence that increased dairy intake can be an acne trigger. Docs don't know exactly why, but the working hypothesis is that hormones in milk may be the culprit. Try cutting down on dairy (without taking things to the extreme) and see how your skin fares. And remember, whey protein shakes are like mega-concentrated milk! Steer clear if breakouts are an issue.


Chocolate causes spots

Everyone is different, so if you find chocolate causes you to break out, avoid it if you can. But there's no solid evidence that chocolate has any effect on acne. Plus dark chocolate is packed with skin-loving anti-oxidants!


Sweets and cakes can trigger breakout

Recent studies have shown that high Glycemic Index foods - the ones that cause blood sugar to spike - can make acne worse. We know it's easier said than done, but to keep your skin happy, stick to high-fiber foods like wholegrains and pulses instead of simple sugars and white flour.


Drinking lots of water will flush out acne

Proper hydration is essential for good overall health and your skin is no exception, but extra trips to the water cooler are not going to clean out your pores any time soon (if only it was that simple!).


Fish oils are a friend to your complexion

Oily fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help to fight inflammation in all of the body's systems, including our largest organ, the skin. Try to slot in a serving of salmon or tuna a couple of times a week. If you can't face fish, walnuts are a great source too.


Vitamin and mineral supplements help most cases of acne

The main causes of acne are essentially hormonal and not related to vitamin or mineral deficiencies. However, a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables will help provide skin with the essential nutrients it needs to heal pimples. A "rainbow on your plate" is a good rule of thumb, as colored fruit and vegetables are packed with natural anti-oxidants that help skin keep inflammation in check.


Greasy foods like pizza and fries feed acne

A common acne myth is that grease on your plate translates to more oil in your pores, but there is no direct link between the two. However, a diet rich in saturated fat can fuel micro-inflammation in all of the body's organs, including the skin. In short, pizza and chips won't cause acne, but moderation is the best policy for overall health.


Alcohol can bring on breakouts

There is no convincing evidence that alcohol has any bearing on acne. However, it is known to make facial redness worse by causing blood vessels to dilate in the skin and it's also dehydrating, so always drink in moderation.