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Backlash acne


Summer is all about looking and feeling great. And autumn? Well, it’s back-to-reality. Back to school. Back to work. And, for acne sufferers, back to breakouts!

“Sun exposure can appear to clear acne in the short-term, but it sets up the ideal conditions for rebound breakouts after your summer vacation.” Dr. Philppe Beaulieu, dermatologist

When skin is imperfection-prone, it’s easy to understand why tanning is tempting. UV exposure has a tag-team of effects on skin that appear to clear acne in the short-term:

  • Skin produces melanin pigment to protect itself, which masks skin tone irregularities
  • Initially, sun has a drying effect on skin
  • UV rays actually suppress red and angry-looking skin inflammation

The post-summer backlash

Even if sun seems like skin’s best friend, it is in fact setting you up for a post-holiday hangover:

  • Skin becomes thickened and “hyperkeratinized” at the surface, clogging pores
  • After initially drying out, skin reacts by producing extra spot-promoting sebum
  • Trapped in pores clogged with sebum and dead cells, bacteria called P. Acnes breed like wildfire, causing spots and inflammation
  • As your tan fades, you may well find red and brown post-acne marks are left behind

SPF is your new BFF!

If you have acne, the chances are you don’t like sunscreen: traditional SPF formulas can be greasy, gloopy and pore-clogging. Fear no more. Today’s top dermo-cosmetics laboratories have created advanced acne treatment formulas that incorporate high SPF into very light, non-comedogenic textures, so you can carry on treating imperfections throughout the summer… and enjoy a smooth ride back to reality.